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GCC #01 – Mythology // Platformer

This is the very beginning of a new Chaos Theory tradition!
Each fortnight, each member of our team is tasked with creating a GCC, a Game Concept Creation, with each idea able to be explained in a page or so. For each GCC, we pick a specified theme and genre that the game has to fit within, bringing an element of competition and collaboration when we present them to each other, pitting it out to see who thought of some interesting new mechanics and formulate what possible ways the ideas could help each other.

If you’re interested in using one of these ideas, go ahead! If you do develop one of these ideas into a game, let us know at contactus@, because generally we’d love to play any one of these ideas.
Without further ado:

Theme: Mythology
Genre: Platformer


Target Audience
13+, casual gamers.

Setting and Story
Following the myth of Osiris and Isis, where in Ancient Egypt, the player becomes Isis, who must first locate the casket, and then the dismembered 13 pieces of her husband, Osiris, who was killed by Set out of a jealous rage. The Egyptian mythology had an obsession with understanding the cosmos, and thus the game’s aesthetic utilises a swirly, painted, diffused art style for background content, contrasted with tribal, angular forms for the characters.

Isis is the patron of nature and magic, friend of the dead and friend of Nepthys who takes the form of a hawk. Isis must navigate through each of the 13 levels finding a piece of her husband by solving puzzles using her defensive magic and control of Nepthys, who is used infrequently to attack. Using a combination of her mastery of nature (thorns/shield), arcane (telekinesis) and divine (stun/blind) magics, Isis must defensively use enemies abilities to her advantage to solve basic physics puzzles to progress.

– James


Target Audience
10+, casual gamers.

Setting and Story
The god Prometheus is chained to a rock atop of mountain in Scythia. He alone possesses the knowledge of how to steal Zeus’ golden apples, and so Hercules must climb the mountain to seek this forbidden secret.

Hercules utilises his superhuman strength to quickly storm up the mountain, beating enemies out of his way. However, he must continually eat meat that he collects on the way up to maintain his strengths, and power his abilities that allow him to clear blockades on his journey. The level design is built around verticality, constantly looping from left-to-right to right-to-left, and one touch by an enemy means an instantaneous fall to the rocky platforms below.

– Nico

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