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GCC #02 – Retro // Mobile

** The GCC is Chaos Theory tradition, where each fortnight we pitch a game concept to each other restricted by a particular theme and genre. **

For this GCC, we chose to use the gameplay strategies of the ‘golden oldies’ of video games and apply some of their ideals and mechanics to the mobile game market.

Theme: Retro
Genre: Mobile


Target Audience
Casual, 10+, both genders.

Setting and Story
The world of Earth has been overwrought by the nanobot apocalypse, eradicating all organic life forms. The only hope for salvation: 3 nanobots that hold human consciousness and carry with them the last remaining bacteria cell. As the player, you guide the 3 robots (a tankbot, a hack droid and a laser drone) through colourful 2d levels to escape Earth and build life anew in a distant universe. The game is played through sidescrolling levels that rely on verticality. Complete with an 8 bit soundtrack and a highly digital aesthetics that used neon colours and visual representations of internal computer operation.

The 3 robots auto-attack enemies, but each have a special move controlled by buttons in the lower corners of the screen: the tankbot ground pounds, breaking object and stunning enemies, the drone picks up the other two and flies upwards, and the droid shields all 3. The player taps the lower centre of the screen to change who they control, allowing one thumb controlling movement and one controlling abilities. Levels award experience and simple customisation collectibles so that the player can upgrade stats. Each bot type is needed to overcome specific enemy types of environmental puzzles.

– James

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