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GCC #03 – Steampunk // Tower Defense

** The GCC is Chaos Theory tradition, where each fortnight we pitch a game concept to each other restricted by a particular theme and genre. **

Theme: Steampunk
Genre: Tower Defense


Target Audience

Setting and Story
Set in WWI, with the Allied Forces vs. Germany fighting to control a newly developed weapon of mass destruction, the steam vault, which consists of a hypercompressed chamber of water that has wide instantaneous vaporization radius.

The player wears a super-soldier mech suit, and can hook themselves into specific slots that boost your abilities whilst locking you in place. The aim of the game is to push your creeps, which are steam powered robots, past the enemy lines, eventually reaching their base to destroy it, by swiftly moving to the available slots and utilising their power-ups. The player’s mech runs on steam, which acts as a resource similar to mana with which you use attacks.

– Nico


Target Audience
10+, casuals, both genders.

Setting and Story
Hyper-industrial post-apocalyptic metallic dystopia of the future. The world is highly skylised with sketch-art animations, with a strong presence of silver, gold and brass tones familiar to the Steampunk genre. The player controls mechanized synthespians, robots that emulate what were once real organisms, fighting for freedom against the militant deconstructionists that seek to create a new robotic world order (monoculture) by eliminating the weak and old. The player is truing to escape from the city, and group up with the less radical rebels who camp outside of civilisation. The player him/herself is a hive mind that hovers in a gyrocopter above the playfield, creating the synthespians from scrap metals.

Based upon the basic strategy of reverse tower defense, the player must create units that destroy/evade towers to reach the locked gate at the end of each level and bring it down. Enemy towers are constantly produced throughout the level, and can be destroyed to gain scrap metal with which the player can built more units. An entire level would fit within the vertical height of the screen, but not necessarily the width, as longer or more difficult levels would become more sprawled out. Played from a fixed side-on 2.5D perspective.

– James

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