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GCC #04 – Futuristic // RTS TBS

** The GCC is Chaos Theory tradition, where each fortnight we pitch a game concept to each other restricted by a particular theme and genre. **

Theme: Futuristic
Genre: RTS  TBS


Target Audience
Core platform/PC gamers.

Setting and Story
The world is set far into the future when urbanisation has reached it ultimate peak. There is no longer any room left on earth to build and the entire surface of the globe is one mega city, split up into different governed provinces, each trying to expand their influence on the land. You start out as a small council member, presiding over only a small sector, with control of a few shops, houses and resources. Your task is to take this small foothold and show your surrounding occupants that you are the right person to follow. From here you must continue to branch out your influence via wherever means necessary to become an elder council member and then move into a status of controlling the entire globe.

You have many methods by which you can expand your influence over the world. This first is to have a population that is more satisfied with life than that of those around you through the repurposing of current infrastructure into more complex and advanced structures. The second method is through advanced espionage where the player can control spies movement through other cities guarded streets to try and either spread propaganda or infiltrate structures to sabotage other sectors. All this must be done while trying to balance resources and defend from incoming influence and spies from other sectors. As the world is “full” the player will not just be able to make new buildings wherever they want but must repurpose a current building (sacrificing its current use) to create more buildings of the type they like.

– Will


Target Audience
15+ male/female tech enthusiasts, PC gamers.

Setting and Story
A team of programmers have developed a playtestable prototype of their game, but it is riddled with bugs. The team port themselves into their surreal, encoded avatars to remove the bugs from their game. The bugs have a reality-derived hierarchy: syntax errors (the mooks), runtime errors (the elites), and logic errors (the captains). The game would be rendered in a hyper-digital matrix-like aesthetic, where programming structures and metaphors are recreated literally. The end goal of the game is to clean the code so that the game is shippable.

The player controls the programming team from a God perspective in a fixed camera angle 3D environment The team are able to produce friendly units (automated testers) to form player controlled swarms, whilst each team member possesses their own unique abilities suited to their development task. Levels progress as the team clears code modules, creating bases that generate helpful resources. The team also gains programming experience throughout the endeavour, to increase their abilities.

– James

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