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GCC #05 – Robotic // MMOFPS

** The GCC is Chaos Theory tradition, where each fortnight we pitch a game concept to each other restricted by a particular theme and genre. **

The world of MMOFPS’ has not been greatly explored, and this fortnight we identified a few reasons why. The genre would be hard to get right due to latency issues of large masses of players requires < 10ms precision with aim and fire. However, the social element to large MMO’s is quite easy to foster within an MMOFPS, based on the already established competitive and cooperative multiplayer FPS structures that players would already be familiar with. Here we go again:

Theme: Robotic


Target Audience
Core gamers.

Setting and Story
The world has struggled through the singularity, with the human race barely managing to survive its own extinction. What remains is a collection of rebel factions, comprised of humans, cyborgs and bio-engineered monstrosities. The one remaining continent has been split up amongst the four factions, each controlling an equal portion of the available land. The world is in ruin and everyone is in a fight to survive each day, scarcely getting by on minimal food and living with the constant danger of threats coming from other factions. The leaders of each faction actively reside over their land, constantly issuing orders, providing information, directing battles and providing rewards for those who stand out and complete tasks. The only fertile land left on the continent is located directly in the middle of the four towns, and must constantly be ventured into in order to sustain economic and social growth.

The player will start in a glorified tutorial village, learning how to work with the game before being thrust into the main action. From here they will be shown how to do anything they will need, and will be given basic supplies to start up. In the main town they have multitudes of tasks they can do, but their ultimate goal is just to survive and build their notoriety within the world. Some things they can do are, scavenge, hunt, trade, build, scout, and then multiple PVP style tasks that send players right into the middle of the map where the presence of all four factions will be high.

– Will


Target Audience
Core/Hardcore 16+, PC and console players.

Setting and Story
The year 2100 A.D, and only a few years after the technology to upload one’s consciousness into a digital medium has become publicly available. The ‘player’s are uploads of themselves; trans-human sophisticated AI controlling their avatars. The game world is a virtual fantasy recreation of Earth, but in this apparent utopia, robotic encroachment and revolution has begun, as human AI are consumed by greater technological forces to free up space. The players task is to discover the dystopia behind the scenes, and confront the god-like AI that are imposing themselves upon virtual earth.

A forge-your-own-path game with lots of available user-made content. There are no classes, only one giant talent tree of abilities in which you can choose to specialize or remain balanced. Missions are largely socially focused, as a combined effort to stop the AI from consuming the game world. Combat is mostly low-target due to ease of aiming and cooldown management (small mobs of 2-4 targets for a single player).

– James

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