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GCC #07 – Social // Casual

** The GCC is Chaos Theory tradition, where each fortnight we pitch a game concept to each other restricted by a particular theme and genre. **

Theme: Social
Genre: Casual


Target Audience
18+, politically aware voters.

Setting and Story
Based in the country of the player’s origin, the game is an active community of people, made up of friends/ friends of friends. Each person starts as a local politician, competing for the better position by making new policies, or ripping on someone else. Other players and friends vote on policies that change the in game world. The aim of the game is to promote new ideas in politics and create a more entertaining, less bullshit driven, arguments about real policies.

Player must submit new policies, via a template, that will get sent to everyone that it affects. The community will then debate it, while the player will try to persuade them that it should pass. Players are ranked by how many policies they can pass, however elections are won by votes, not policies.

– Nico


Target Audience
All gamers, specifically casuals.

Setting and Story
The story is set in a modern day, almost solely in an urban environment. You start out as a new arrival and are given a small group of questions to answer about the type of person you are (or the type you want to play as). These are then taken and used to randomly generate a life for you, giving you your life goal, aspirations, personality traits etc. You are then thrust into the city environment in a very modest and budget style living quarters and set out to fulfil your goals, change your starting circumstances and move up in the world. The world is also thriving with all the other players on your game server as if you are to really move on with your life you must interact with and help out many of the people around you, in a sense, this city does not function without its community.

The game is played from a third person perspective as the user controls only their character throughout the world. Your list of activities to complete and ways to progress in the world expand as you play the game more and change as a character, some of which include; finding a job, setting up any sort of trading enterprise, building a new home, buying a new home/ refurbishing a current home, purchasing goods and any variety etc. The game world will take place in real time, mirroring the local time of the server to simulate the conditions of time in the world. Also performing tasks in this world will take sufficiently long times and will continue to occur even when you are not actively playing the game. For example an activity such as going to work could be started, the game could be left, and it would be completed upon the players return.

– Will


Target Audience
Facebook users, 10+ years

Setting and Story
You are the deity that rules over an exotic tribe of primitive creatures on a lonely, tiny planet deep in space. The tribe worships and idolizes you through a central relic located in their only village. You control the environment, constructing your planet to your will by manipulating the four fundamental elements, as well as life itself. Your race of creatures are survivalistic, and they will quickly adapt to their changing environment. You are able to become more powerful through creating and sustaining a happy society. Ideally created in a cute, brightly coloured aesthetic.

Move around the 3D rotatable planet with WASD, using Q/E to shift altitudes (when your civilization can fly or dig). You can only control the four elements, and using LMB to direct your tribe to utilize those elements. The happier they are, the more offerings they provide you with, increasing your divinity and also constructing elaborate ornamental offerings. A customizable world creator where an addictive ‘5 minutes a day’ quality is required to feed/control your tribe.

– James

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