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GCC #08 – Innovation // Free-For-All

** The GCC is Chaos Theory tradition, where each fortnight we pitch a game concept to each other restricted by a particular theme and genre. **

Theme: Innovation
Genre: Free-For-All


Target Audience
Arcade Gamers

Setting and Story
The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which only a few survivors remain uninfected from a plague that swept across civilization. The survivors have banded together in a small yet defend-able camp from which they run operations from, slowly trying to eliminate the infection’s presence.

The core of the gameplay is based around how light can be used to the players advantage and how it effects the way they play. The game is a top-down 2D style game in which the player must primarily defend their home base and eventually hunt down the infected hives and destroy the threat. However all this must be done mainly in the dark, where the player can literally not see what is coming their way. They start with a searchlight mounted inside their base that the player can guide while small controllable soldiers fend off the infected that walk into the light. The base can then upgraded to have automated defences (turrets, stationary floodlights, traps etc) and the soldiers can be equipped with torches or upgraded to guiding light bearers (or other soldier types), until such a point they feel they are ready to venture out into the darkness. Essentially if the player is to survive each night they must stick to the light, being cautious not to let the darkness get too close, as this will lead to infected being able to sneak up.

– Bagle


Target Audience
Hardcore Gamers, 16+

Setting and Story
You are the CEO of a small-sized game development company building an MMO. You have to control the design of your world and game architecture to capture the affection, attraction and finances of your players, whilst coming out of the experience with a successful release and a strong company of happy employees. After the game has completed its pre-release stage, the player is able to witness their game going through the world, address any large scale complaints, deal with bad reviews, and manage server loads. Designed essentially as a humbling experience for players that whinge incessantly about MMO design companies.

Played through a UI heavy top down world designer, the player creates a world map during the pre-release stage, complete with attractions, towns, cities, dungeons, etc (the content of the game is focused on swords-and-sorcery). After release, changes that are made can be tested on the production server, and then made live to the virtual players (with considerable downtime of course).

– James

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