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GCC #09 – 3 Month Project // Survival Arena

** The GCC is Chaos Theory tradition, where each fortnight we pitch a game concept to each other restricted by a particular theme and genre. **

Theme: 3 Month Project
Genre: Survival Arena


Target Audience
12+, casuals through to core, both genders

Setting and Story
Set in the distant future where a far-superior robotic race destroyed humanity for their destructive tendencies (ironic, right?). Developing a taste for destruction, and trying to combat quick product cycle evolution, the robots have brought back the human Gladiator deathmatches, wherein the most recently outmoded robot generation fight for survival against the hordes of previous outmodes. Set in a highly polished and chromed arena embedded in an electronic soundscape, the player competes as one of these outmodes to fight for its own glory and survival.

Fixed camera position (tilted, 2.5D) on a fixed arena stage that has individual floor tiles that dynamically update each round. The player has all manner of weapons on the body, as well as a randomly generated weapon slot. Collecting scrap from dead enemies is used for the on the fly power-ups and upgrades. Enemies continuously spawn from random zones around the perimeter, progressively getting more difficult as they try harder to destroy you.

– James


Target Audience
Casual gamers

Setting and Story
The world has been run into a state where resources have been run dry and civilization is a mess, fighting each other to steal the necessary resources to survive the next day. You are a man fill with ingenuity and resourcefulness, having the ability and knowledge to make personal defense weapons from parts and scraps. Each day you must hold off hundreds of ravaged bandits and savages as word gets around that you have horded such a volume of ‘raw materials’.

Built around the automated and on-the-fly construction of scrap metal defense systems and weapons. Each level you will start with a base weapon with no modifications. As you start to kill the oncoming attackers they will drop parts that they are carrying which you can pick up and instantly add to your weapon giving it specific changes that will help you complete each wave. Some improvements include: barrels that change fire mode (auto, burst or semi), ammo clips that change bullet effects (adds a DoT, causes explosions, goes shotgun mode), stocks that improve fire rate or sights that improve range. Two more possible improvements to the combat include, a system by which parts will very quickly wear, making it so you constantly have to replace the parts you picked up to be as effective as possible. The second is another drop (scraps) that, with enough, allows you to construct a turret or special defence system.

– Bagle

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