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GLTCH Devblog: Week 11

We haven’t tested a recent build of GLTCH on the lowers of low devices we’re using to benchmark performance for a couple of weeks. So it was a nice surprise that, only several hours before this month’s Beer and Pixels event, when we uploaded the most recent version of GLTCH across our 5 Android phones and tablets the game was playing better than ever before. It’s even maintaining a solid 50+fps on the Moto E! We’ve been applying our optimization practices as we go, and after witnessing the results we can tell we’re heading in the right direction. Just double checking our import options for textures and audio shrunk the build size by almost 30%! All this mobile development has obviously got us far too excited to discover such statistics.

We received another awesome round of feedback from developers and enthusiasts at Beer and Pixels, thanks again to everyone who took the time to let us know what they thought we were doing well and where we could do better. Our conversations throughout the night (thanks Jack and Nic) helped shape a new development direction in our minds. We’re yet to have a design jam to think of all the new potential that was discussed in that evening, but expect to hear about things like unlockable content (read: unlockable glitches), a mission system, a more robust sector progression system, and much more prominent and easy-to-use sharing features soon.

One of the big discoveries that came from these conversations was the ease of including Everyplay and Unity Ads, particularly with Unity 5. A game like GLTCH is perfectly suited for always-on video recording to share that kickass new 6 figure highscore with friends, and Everyplay really is just one .unitypackage import and 3 lines of code away from being functional. In-game advertising, however, is something that we’ve morally strayed from as we believe that it immediately breaks immersion, or is presented in an obviously corporate manner that detracts from the value of gameplay. That, or it appears so frequently that the first 5 minutes of new mobile app X are going to be your only 5 minutes. When considering a distribution model where the revenue from advertising could easily become the primary source of revenue though, our moral absolution is tested. We’re currently toying with how and where we could include in-game advertising and think we’ve come up with a method of presentation that will hopefully make GLTCH’s players smile knowingly, instead of sigh or hiss in distaste.

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