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GLTCH Devblog: Week 14

We’ve collected our notes and rough pencil sketches into a giant list of over 30 new glitches and events to be unlocked over your GLTCH career. With our new strategy being built around progressing through the sectors (read: levelling up), we needed to boost the amount of cool things you can unlock every level. Thus far the aim is to get a new glitch and a new progression level in an alternating pattern – hopefully enough to entice that small set of power players to see what happens at the endgame: sector 64.

The life system is almost fully functional, and I say almost because it’s only missing one absolutely essential feature – awarding lives for watching ads. We’re currently hung up on an issue with AdColony where ad start / ad finish callbacks aren’t being fired, but think that this could be caused by an NGUI bug where all input is being duplicated on touch devices ONLY for reasons outside of the ones already covered on their support forums. Programmering! It’ll be working by Beer and Pixels on Tuesday. It better be.

Another final piece of the GLTCH experience is also creeping into the game – the bug list. For anyone familiar with Jetpack Joyride (which we talk about a LOT on this devblog, need to find more great mobile examples that Halfbrick DIDN’T make), our bug list is similar to their mission system. New tasks are currently generated algorithmically in increasing levels of difficulty, although only one is being tracked correctly which leads to a very monotonous “Collect X fragments”, “Collect X + Y fragments” set of tasks right now. The UI to demonstrate all this cool, super complex (read: far too many nested decision trees) is assembling itself too, and we hope that this too will be ready to roll out to public critique by Tuesday. Which is only 2 days away. Hmm.

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