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GLTCH Devblog: Week 18

So the total number of glitches in GLTCH went from 9 to 32 within a couple of days. Yup.

Getting to a high corruption is now a dangerous exercise, with one of these 32 glitches appearing every couple of seconds to impede your progress. Popups! Red rings of death! Frame rate failures! All of your favourite parts of video games presented in a seizure-inducing ecstasy. The screen grab glitch that captures a partial screenshot of gameplay and overlays it in the same spot (which makes it look like part of the screen has frozen) is a new personal favourite. SO sneaky. The new glitch types that demand different types of interaction, like UI popups that need to be tapped on, add a new dimension to gameplay by pulling the player’s attention away from the immediate vicinity of their character.

With all these new glitches comes the ability to unlock all these new glitches. Developing the content timeline was a heartbreaking process as we began to place all of the new glitches that we had just spent a couple of days testing, tweaking and improving behind different levels. Just how could you hold this glitch back for 15 sectors? They need it NOW. Remember how less than 1% of mobile gamers will never make it to the end of your game? That is the statistic that haunted us as we filled out all the cool things that players can unlock throughout levels 32-64. I guess the silver lining is that it has reduced the number of glitches that start in the game from the very beginning which softens the learning curve for new players? I guess…

Finally, the game’s arguably best feature and last piece of new content is ready to move from paper to binary. Glitch events, the rare, once-every-few-rounds mega-glitch that pulls from memes and gaming’s history are becoming a reality, and they are going to make gameplay even wilder.

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