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GLTCH Devblog: Week 19

This past week has disappeared underneath us, as glitch events demanded a blood sacrifice or equivalent exchange. These juicy pieces of content that we briefly mentioned last week will be scattered throughout GLTCH’s ‘campaign’ is it were, and each offers and entertaining parody or tip-of-the-hat to some of our favourite games.

We’ve got power rings from Sonic, we’ve got Thwomps eagerly awaiting a chance to crush you, we’ve got BLOCK() programs that suddenly evolve into a Voltorb. Each glitch event is a tight snippet of custom gameplay that pops up only once every few rounds, challenging the player to complete it while boasting big rewards. You can see the Pong event in action below:

On top of glitch events, the game’s leaderboards are finally working! This feature was meant to be ready to roll by January, so seeing those dormant UI elements come to life has been a much-needed change. It’s funny that the occasional movement of score ranks makes the game feel slightly more alive, as if the changing rank of your highscore this week PROVES that the game exists outside of your own two hands. It exists in the OTHER developer’s hands too!

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