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GLTCH Devblog: Week 21

Hard deadlines, yay! In all seriousness though, yay. We need those milestones to work towards, to make us sweat and think better on our feet than we ever could with hours of pen and paper. We need a functional and fun build for the PAX Australian Indie Showcase deadline on the 6th, and a working build along with a marketing pitch (trailer included, get excited) for Gamestage’s third showcase starting on the 13th.

Gamestage is an interesting concept: pairing pre-release and undiscovered games with publishers and investors from around the world in “the only fully-online game conference”. With no finder’s fee involved in the process of pairing devs with investors, it smells like free networking!

In development news, we’ve heavily modified the trails from the player and added a new trail on the player’s finger using PidgeonCoop’s Better Trails. The swipe trail is particularly useful for new players as it flashes in response to a turn, providing an extra piece of feedback that assists in that feeling of responsiveness. The moving vector grid that drags behind your finger was one of our earliest and most successful additions purely based on how many people commented on it, and that is mostly because it visualizes the touch feedback instantaneously. The swipe trail is another one of these affordances.

We also attended our second AIE Incubator playtesting session where our debatable build won the hearts of many due to the over-zealous spawning of glitch events. I was using my build to debate some points about some of the events difficulty, and the players proved me oh so wrong. Despite some questionable performance issues, we received another reassuring dose of positive feedback on the changes we had made in the last month, and a UX designer with over 15 years of industry experience seemed to like the cut of our UI, so high-fives all round!

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