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GLTCH Devblog: Week 24

We’re now less than a fortnight away from GLTCH’s Play Store debut, so it would only make sense to overthrow how fragment and enemy spawning works, right? Why not? You can tell the crunch time pressure is being applied when you have to seriously weigh up the benefits of changing something major, and although we were hesitant to do so, the new format of the iteration levels demanded the flexibility. Through implementing a custom system of min / max spawn curves (similar to the “random between two curves” capability of Unity particle systems), we’ve constrained some of that chaotic random randomization to produce fairer levels. We found it incredibly frustrating that this functionality was locked away under the Shuriken hood: developing custom editor elements for the graph editor is difficult enough! We were thinking of doing a tutorial on the process after release. For those that might be interested, leave a comment below.

Thanks to many sessions of playtesting, we’ve been told and shown enough times that some players refuse to run into enemies while overclocking. After a few overproductive consultations with the patrons at this month’s Beer and Pixels, we’ve developed a new animation state for programs that has them flashing blue like ghosts from PacMan. No excuses now, collect the blue!

If you’d like a preview build, feel free to shoot us a request at contactus@ We’ll be updating regularly throughout the final stretch as the new levels are added, and it would be great to get some feedback from a wider audience on exactly how tricky they are.

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