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GLTCH Devblog: Week 25

Nico is not a man to back down from a challenge. Each of GLTCH’s 32 iteration levels were designed and implemented within a week, with some time to spare. It’s been good to see the content we shut out over a month ago make a return. We were prepared for a sneaky stash of bugs to break loose due to the old code not being maintained to keep up with the most recent changes, but thankfully it hasn’t broken too much.

We’ve over-played ourselves into a fervour, but we’re really excited to start showing off the iteration levels. It was impressive how far we could stretch the “collect the blue, avoid the red” mechanic, and up to 7 fragments at a time combined with 8 special glitch event levels will test even the most experienced GLTCH players. The new content is a great incentive for players ready to test their skill, and the challenge of a gold medal is something we can’t even complete on the first try.

It was nice to see some real stats coming through in our weekly summary from GameAnalytics this week. Thanks to our little golden cohort for giving us some pretty crucial feedback (and making sure that our GA integration works) right when we need it most. Retention++!

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