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It’s The Final Devblog: Week 26

GLTCH is live! It’s actually live. This labour of love has taken exactly half a year to hit the Play Store (yes, we started the devblog in our first week) and the refresh button could not have been pressed more times as we waited for the final submission to go live. It’s free, so download it and let us know if you can beat our highscore. It took us 6 months of intensive training to earn it, but we’ve got money riding on how quickly someone will topple it.

Watching the real-time statistics come through on GameAnalytics is so much addictive than I would have expected. Watch as each social media platform you post to generates new users, and try not to pay attention to the error panel as you admire your graphs beginning to draw themselves. How many people played overnight? How many highscores are there on the leaderboards? We’ll be posting some development stats and analytics here as soon as they become comprehensible.

It seems like discoverability is going to be our biggest issue on the Play Store. Without any previous games to reinforce our integrity, or any significant downloads and ratings to boast, our visibility is distressingly low even when searching the app name exactly. 50,000 downloads with an average rating of 4.5 in 30 days to secure that featured spot eh Google? That’s definitely going to be a challenge. But with almost a suddenly light calendar within which we can focus our marketing efforts, it might be a challenge we can rise to.

This marks the end of the GLTCH devblog, as any further additions would be in the “post-dev” period of therefore be syntactically incorrect. And we’ve had just about enough of errors for one week. Thank you to all our readers, and thank you to all our playtesters. Watch this space for some GLTCH-related posts that we expect will be showing up just as frequently as the post-launch news gets more exciting.

Happy glitching!

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