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GLTCH Devblog: Week 3

This week has been tumultuous, with one of our own being hospitalized in Melbourne for almost the whole week while being simultaneously offered short-term contract work for a completely new project. This led to some understandable flux in GLTCH’s progress this week, and we are still trying to finalize our alpha build so that it is ready for testing through the Google Play store. Picking up this new project means a slight (but only slight) hiccup in GLTCH’s release schedule, but this only leaves more time for testing the alpha and beta builds which we all know leads to better games.

Google offers an impressive staged rollout feature where you can privately add groups of alpha and beta testers to access your game through the official store before release, providing feedback and ratings that only the developer can see. Despite this powerful testing integration (the likes of which we’ve never even been close to, thanks Google), the fact remains that once you change an app from paid to free after it has been published in the Google Play Developer Console, that change is permanent. This means that our intention to have GLTCH as a premium app adds the same price tag to all potential alpha / beta testers, whereas making it free means it has to remain permanently free unless a new package is uploaded and submitted to the store. This feels like a massive oversight on Google’s behalf, and allowing different pricing structures for different levels of the staged rollout seems like a feature well within the realm of possibility.

The visual effects in the game have undergone another round of improvements, with individualized particle effects for all of the different fragments making their abilities more obvious, and most importantly splitting the rendering of the world between an orthographic AND perspective camera to make vOS really stand out in the background layer. We were experiencing some visual glitches (the bad kind) with rendering his highly mobile 3D animations in an orthographic projection, but the new perspective camera makes him more menacing than ever.

Coming up in the next week will be a first look at some gameplay narrated by yours truly (finally, Chaos Theory, what took you so long?) as well as some much-needed mechanical improvements to the multiplier system and the way the player moves about the grid.

As always, if you’re interested in hearing more, the first place to check is the GLTCH home page. Our alpha testing phase is closed to a tight group of testers for more intense feedback, but if you’d like to sign up for the beta when it is available, visit the signup page to register your email with us.

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