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GLTCH Devblog: Week 6

The beta release date is bearing down on us, and we’ve been working hard this past week to include one of the next milestones biggest components: Progression mode. Up until now, there has only been one core way to play GLTCH and that is Infinite mode, a survive-for-as-long-as-you-can gambit. Progression mode is more like a campaign, where you can unlock levels as your sector increases (there’s finally a use for all that experience!) which ask you to reach a specified score in a limited time. Each level in Progression mode has 4 badges or goals that reward different kinds of behaviour: there’s the score badge for getting the target score, the speed badge for reaching the score within a much tighter time frame, the stealth badge for keeping your corruption low, and the loop badge for not travelling through the sides of the screen. You don’t have to get them all in one go, so you can replay levels to target the different badges one at a time.

Most of the barebones functionality for Progression mode is now in the game, and we look forward to polishing the new content and packaging it up for our alpha players soon. More and more levels will be added slowly over time, and later levels are going to be a real challenge for the hardcore GLTCH players.

We’ve also been undressing and redressing the programs to bring them closer to a finalized art status. The fragments underwent a visual overhaul a few weeks ago, and now the programs are following suit to match. We’ve chosen to follow the path of animated sprites instead of animated because it offers more flexibility in a game as 2D as GLTCH, and it will mean that we can take out all of the lights to boost performance. Some of the iterated concepts are shown in the post image above, and we can hope to see them in-game before I write the next devblog entry.

 As always, if you’re interested in becoming an alpha tester and helping us improve the game as we go, please get in touch at contactus@

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