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GLTCH Devblog: Week 9

We’ve come across a new and completely unsolicited glitch – a real, authentic one, and we have no idea how it got there. For some reason, on mobile devices only, the camera is rendering the scene upside down and distorted in the bottom quadrant of the screen. The effect looks completely awesome and we hope that we can figure out how to replicate it before removing it, because double scene rendering without any performance improvement is a dream-come-true glitch for mobile devices.

Ironically, most of this week was focused on improving performance and stability so that we could release a new alpha build to our testers. The last few weeks saw us throwing a lot of new content in the game, but the gameplay began to feel loose and disjointed, losing the precious fun factor that we had tweaked for so long to achieve in our previous build. After removing a sizable chunk from our bug list, the game is back on track with tighter, more fast-paced gameplay than ever.

Another important inclusion, and our penultimate addition before beta is ready, was custom event tracking with GameAnalytics. Now, once released into the wild, we will be able to gather some incredibly useful metrics during playtesting to fine tune the algorithms that govern gameplay based on more than just how good we the developers are at the game. This new data will become crucial to our level design efforts – knowing how many attempts players are making before succeeding or giving up, determining if some levels are unfairly difficult compared to others, and making sure that players can’t blaze through them too quickly.

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