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GLTCH: The First Byte

We’ve been running a very covert operation over the holiday season, mostly due to lengthy overseas travel to soak up some sunshine before returning to our screen-lit paradise. It’s time to break the seal on our silence and proudly announce our new project, GLTCH.

GLTCH is the first mobile game that we’ve worked on, and even in its early stages has been a massive learning curve to adapt our design strategies. GLTCH is a hyper-digital, programming-inspired arcade game that borrows heavily from the glitch aesthetic. In GLTCH, you must navigate a grid of nodes using swipe gestures and collect corrupted memory fragments that appear on these nodes as fast as possible. The main opponent, vOS (virtual Operating System), is angered by your intrusion in his domain, and sends programs of his own creation to try and stop you. Any contact with these programs means game over, and each one has their own routine to hinder your progress.

As you collect memory fragments, vOS grows increasingly unstable, which causes glitches (intentional ones!) to pop up all over the place. Dead pixels, missing textures, broken colours and more make it harder and harder for you to navigate the grid safely. There are many different types of memory fragments that give you momentary powers or abilities, but each second spent inside the system makes it more difficult to continue.

We’re currently making up for extensive holidaying and working as fast as we can to release a closed alpha version of GLTCH for playtesting within the next few weeks. We’ll be starting to write our weekly development blog again, which means that you can check back here regularly and keep a watchful eye on our progress (and then claim that you knew the game before it was cool). We hope to have some more screenshots and even early gameplay footage for your viewing pleasure soon, but in the meantime if you’re interested in a Beta invitation you can get in touch at contactus@ There’s also more information about the game’s backstory at the all-new project page:

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