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Infinite Loop was Greenlit? Since when?

“Congratulations, Infinite Loop has been Greenlit!”

That is one of the better emails we’ve woken up to recently, and we would like to extend our thanks to all our supporters in the Steam Greenlight community for letting it happen.

After over 300 days within the system, it seems we’ve been chosen to be among one of the lucky new titles to hopefully grace Steam’s hallowed halls in the not-too-distant future. This news definitely came as a suprise to us, as the campaign for Infinite Loop has remained dormant for quite some time since we’ve been focusing our efforts on S.W.A.P. Although we’ve begun development on GLTCH which has stolen our attention (and our hearts) at the moment, we’re still shaking with excitement at the possibility of bringing Infinite Loop to Steam for reals.

Stay posted, we’ll be releasing some news on the future of Infinite Loop 2.0 soon!

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I’m deeply passionate about the promoting and developing the social, educational, and creative potential of games. Through my work at Chaos Theory, I have only just started a journey to doing exactly that.
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