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Oh S***, We Got Published

After a period of uncertainty with our snail-pace progress on Steam’s Greenlight following our week long banishment from the Greenlight service, we began looking for other, smaller distribution platforms that would be willing to take a look at Infinite Loop. Little did we know how many services there are out there that will help market your game for you, and after a couple of weeks of tentative emailing back and forth to test our build, we’ve been accepted to both Desura (on February 10) and IndieCity!

It’s pretty awesome to see your own game come up in a search bar on major sites with hundreds of listings, and especially jump to #4 in popularity on Desura (even if it was only for a day, man that popularity fluctuates pretty fast!).

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About James
I’m deeply passionate about the promoting and developing the social, educational, and creative potential of games. Through my work at Chaos Theory, I have only just started a journey to doing exactly that.
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