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Oversight Beta Released

Its been roughly 6 months in development, but our first beta of Oversight is available to download from the site. 3 of the 4 proposed game modes have been implemented (still working on the Challenge Mode), and we have a few more ideas of additional features to add and include based on the games’ reception. It is currently only available on Windows platforms that support the XNA redistributable framework. If you do get a chance to download and play Oversight, we’ve constructed a feedback form on the site and, if you have a couple of minutes to spare, we’d love to hear what you think that we did well, or perhaps not so well.
If you have any problems downloading or installing the game, check the official Oversight Forum, or send us an email at support@ so that we can provide a supplementary download link or help troubleshoot your issues.
As our first full development project, Oversight has revealed a lot about our game development cycle. We had a lot of fun developing it (hopefully not as much as you will playing it), and it has heavily informed us about development practices to utilize on our next project. If you enjoyed the game or would like to see it developed further, you can show your support through Facebook,Twitter, our Support Button (top right corner) or sending us a message.

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