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Project Desola – First Announcement

The Chaos Theory blog has been running quietly over the past couple of months, perhaps a little TOO quietly. We’ve kept our cards close to the chest, but we’ve been holding onto 2 jokers for a while now and our bluff remains uncalled.

Desola is a 1v1 turn-based strategy / shifter for iOS and Android where players manipulate a grid of barbaric, nomadic wastelanders in order to create combos. You can play asynchronously against friends or AI, strategizing your way through several games concurrently, submitting your turns, and waiting for your rival’s response.
Each turn, the player is granted a limited number of actions with which they can move rows or columns in order to create combos, or select these combos and attack their opponent. Each player has a limited number of reserves which are depleted as the wastelanders perish, and the first player to reduce their opponent’s reserves to zero wins the round.

This project is a special undertaking by yours truly (niyr), where I’m handling all of the design, programming, art and sound production as well as marketing and publishing completely solo. Crazy? Probably. Learning experience? Most definitely.

Although this means a significantly longer development time, we hope to present our first playable demo within the next couple of months, with a planned release before the holiday period this year (TBA November 2014).

If you’re interested in hearing about project updates or getting exclusive access to our community playtesting sessions, you can register your email here.

About James
I’m deeply passionate about the promoting and developing the social, educational, and creative potential of games. Through my work at Chaos Theory, I have only just started a journey to doing exactly that.
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