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Project SOS in Development

And so it begins… again.
Another uni semester over, and why enjoy a few weeks of freedom when we could begin working on our next project? The Chaos Theory team have been working non-stop over the past last month on game #2, codenamed Project SOS, which is a 2D physics-based platform puzzler (needs more adjectives, right?) where the player explores the life of a mysterious boy called Sin.
Utilizing the Farseer Physics Engine for XNA has been a big step up for us, and the increased scale of development that we’ve witnessed is already overwhelming. Project SOS has a vastly increased scope compared to Oversight, focusing more on storytelling and a linear narrative, as well as the higher graphical/aural fidelity that must accompany such an endeavour.

We hope to have a playable demo ready in a couple of months that will demonstrate some of the interesting mechanics we have planned, and we’re currently planning for a public beta to be released around March next year.
If you’re interested in hearing more about our the game’s development so far, you can contact us at contactus@ for more info.

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I’m deeply passionate about the promoting and developing the social, educational, and creative potential of games. Through my work at Chaos Theory, I have only just started a journey to doing exactly that.
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