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SOS Devblog: Week 6

Every week working on SOS (aside from being, you know, the dream, working on your own projects and such) seems to be a series of cursing and blessing for the snapshot mechanic. We’re really excited to unveil it to our early alpha testers because it really does feel unique, and something that none of the Chaos Theory team have played with before. However, this means that dealing with a mechanic that creates a loop-able space within a continuous physics-governed world involves a consistent serious of tension headaches and often entertaining logic errors, as well as Google staring back at us blankly when we seek enlightenment.

Implementing tractor beams, gravity lifts and ropes while getting them to work with snapshots has made us rethink what a snapshot really is. It’s like taking a rectangular slice out of the 2D world, and within that world, everything loops around the edges (which would be really cool to emulate through video now that I think about it; think infinite mirror effect), but to the world outside the snapshot, it is treated as a solid physical object that can’t be interfered with. This raises serious issues with an object like a rope for example, because should a snapshot sever it? Should it anchor at the point where its cut? How does the player swing through the sides? Or climb up the same rope continuously from top to bottom?

Currently the game is a series of impossible physical interactions and hilarious logic errors while we reconsider the fundamentals of what should be possible with the game’s mechanics, while allowing it to make sense and have the mind-melting physical concepts behind the mechanics be conveyed easily to first time players. No worries…

We’ve been producing more assets for the decorative objects in the game, such as the dynamic plant life and tribal artefacts that are scattered through our ancient caves. There are a whole collection of crystal light sources and dancing plants, and we thought of an interesting system that will hopefully help make the whole world feel more in sync by having some of these decorative objects react directly to the pacing of the backing music. The pulsing of the crystals light source, the looping point of the cave mushrooms subtle animations; making these things synchronize with the bpm of the current track will hopefully produce a subconscious unity that makes the world more compelling, or at times more sinister.


If you have any questions about our development, please don’t hesitate to contact us at contactus@, or using the comment form below.

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