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SOS Devblog: Week 8

Unfortunately, our highly efficient staggered vacation schedule has left us without a programmer this week, and due to the release of the S.W.A.P Beta, much of SOS’s development has ground to a halt.

This week comprised mostly of myself playtesting the currently buggy-as-all-hell SOS build to determine exactly how many hundreds of things need fixing. The revised snapshotting system has introduced some highly entertaining bugs, particularly when trying to loop dynamic objects through the edges of the screen, and Farseer definitely has its grumpy face on.

We have begun finally designing levels in the level editor, although using the program properly on full scale levels for the first time has also unveiled its fair share of bugs that make level design difficult, as well as a couple of missing features that would make the XML data generated for each level invalid. Damn.

We also began looking at the game’s musical elements so far, and speaking to many of our musically-oriented amigos has revealed many new ideas on how to tone down the strength and melodic qualities of the tracks as they currently stand and create some more creepy, ambient sonic textures that still possess some of that haunting musical beauty. Goodbye, most percussive elements, it’s time to re-tool our digital orchestra.

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