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S.W.A.P v1.0 – The end of the beginning

It’s finally time for S.W.A.P to drop. After 16 different beta builds and over a year of development and playtesting, version 1.0 is finally ready for the public’s consumption. For long-time fans of the game, there is a whole lot of new content in the new release – from new booster tile types to team preferences, new announcements, and a tighter, more balanced game feel. For the S.W.A.P virgins, there is no better time to jump into the game. Although we could never be so bold to claim it to be bug-free, the game is stable and matchmaking has never been easier.

S.W.A.P can be downloaded for free from our website at We are also proud to announce that you will be able to download S.W.A.P from Desura and if they tickle your fancy. All the versions of the game are linked together, and you’ll be able to play with any other S.W.A.P player regardless of where you downloaded it from.

You can find out more about the game at its homepage, or by viewing the developer-made strategy guide, or even some of our fine new reviews. We’d love your feedback – some of the ideas we’ve learned from playtesting have made all the difference between our early alpha and version 1.0.

See you in the game!

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