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The Bravodog Arcade

Last month, we helped build a joystick-powered physical arcade machine. Working alongside Leafcutter on behalf of the veterinary company Bravecto, we were tasked with developing a game that could help drive engagement on the exhibition floor.

We got to move out of our home office temporarily to work in-house with Leafcutter. This meant that we were able to grow a firm understanding of their needs, even if it meant running Unity on our laptops…

It was interesting working with an established brand who had rigid guidelines. Colouring decisions in our pixel art concepts had to adhere to the Bravecto palette, and changes to the mechanics required a round-trip approval. Changes had to be subtle, and requested in batches. Luckily, Leafcutter knew what they wanted, and they knew their client well.

Leafcutter were also generous with their timeline, but demanding of our quality. This was the first project we had worked on that would be deployed offline – which meant no patches! Once the game was shipped in the arcade machines, there would be no way to update, and so it had to be bug-free. The project benefited from 2 whole weeks dedicated to playtesting and refinement, which is a luxury rarely afforded in a world of tight deadlines.

It was a great experience working with Leafcutter to execute on a larger campaign. We hope to have another post regaling our future collaborations before too long.

Check out the arcade machine below, or find more info at our new Bravodog project page.





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