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Armed with the powers of a god, will you restore life to a devastated ocean world?

Crab God is an atmospheric underwater strategy game where you nurture a quirky family of Crablings and breathe life into your underwater domain.

As the guardian of the abyss, you must defend the egg of the next crab god, cultivate enough food to sustain it and migrate to deeper waters where it will hatch and become the new ocean caretaker. Your colony of Crablings will build mighty coral reefs, protect against threats, and collect food for the journey ahead.

Will you Rise to the Challenge?

By balancing and nurturing the ecosystem, you can weather the ocean's challenges, whether rising temperatures, invasive species, or dangerous waste. Once you have achieved this, your remaining Crablings will grow, and they can continue their epic migration journey.

Will you create a world where life flourishes, and your babies thrive? Take up the mantle of the Crab God and discover what it truly means to reign over the ocean.

Game Features

  1. In-game actions have real world impact:
    While caring for their own reef, players will be aiding real life conservation efforts via Working alongside a variety of environmental charities, Crab God allows players to feel a real sense of joy and accomplishment as they progress, converting in-game actions into tree planting, ocean cleaning, restoration of reefs and more.
  2. Grow your own crab colony:
    Raise your Crablings, and nurture them to develop their full potential and particular personalities as they worship you, providing you with the power to cultivate the ocean. Name them. Equip them. Grow your unique colony and guide them with your mighty claw.
  3. Cultivate a vibrant underwater ecosystem:
    Tend to your underwater domain and capture the magic of cultivating your own aquarium. Build a diverse reef and enjoy the experience of being immersed in an alien environment. Unlock increasingly interesting combinations of nature and learn more about the creatures you share the depths with, both friendly and threatening.
  4. Lead the migration to birth a new Crab God:
    It is time for a new Crab God to rise and protect the oceans and it is your job to lead a successful migration, taking the egg to to the depths where it can hatch. Balance the growth of your colony with the needs of defending the egg, otherwise, you will need to return to the shallows and start the migration anew.
All Hail The Crab! Behold: The Development of Crab God

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Side-scuttling strategy game Crab God will let you amass a crustacean congregation
Chaos Theory’s Crab God will have a real world environmental impact


Crab God Game Set to Merge Environmental Activism with Strategy Gameplay in 2024

About Chaos Theory

In 2012, Chaos Theory was born from the creative minds of three childhood friends who believe that games can catalyse social and cultural change. With over 150 games developed across PC, mobile, console, and XR, Chaos Theory’s portfolio has been downloaded over 70 million times by players all over the globe.

Through collaboration with prestigious organisations such as Google, the United Nations World Food Programme, and the Department for Florien Affairs and Trade, Chaos Theory has received awards for its work across social change, education, and behaviour change.


Created by Chaos Theory Games
Nico King, James Lockrey, Will Bagley, Sebastian King, Elric Milton, Pete Turnbull, Jennyfer Ong, Jacob Mckee-Wright,
Andrew Spinks, Casey Lenius, James Betar, Maeskye Trigg, Ailin Gist, Morgan Tokutake
& Megha Vasudevan

Crab God © 2023 Chaos Theory Games Pty. Ltd. All rights reserved.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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