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Armed with the powers of a god, will you restore life to a devastated ocean world?

Defend your underwater home, build a mighty coral reef, and lead your children to become the next generation of ocean guardians.

Crab God is a 3D side-scrolling god game featuring loveable AI troops (Crablings) that you indirectly control, coral reef-building mechanics, and a dynamic ocean simulation that creates emergent and exciting gameplay. 

For your Crablings to survive, you must nurture a healthy ecosystem supporting them on their journey from the Great Barrier Reef to the Mariana Trench.

Will you Rise to the Challenge?

By balancing and nurturing the ecosystem, you can weather the ocean's challenges, whether rising temperatures, invasive species, or dangerous waste. Once you have achieved this, your remaining Crablings will grow, and they can continue their epic migration journey.

Will you create a world where life flourishes, and your babies thrive? Take up the mantle of the Crab God and discover what it truly means to reign over the ocean.

Game Features

  1. Build a mighty coral reef
    Direct your Crablings to clear debris, build corals, and grow food. Create a thriving and diverse ecosystem that can protect your Crablings and support life.
  2. Explore a dynamic ocean simulation
    Experiment with a diverse and interconnected food web. Witness the true power of nature and the interconnectedness of all living things.
  3. See your Crablings grow
    Support your adorable little ones to see them grow, developing unique personalities and traits based on the actions they have performed. Protect them from threats so that they can become the next generation of ocean guardian.
  4. Unleash divine powers
    As the Crab God, you hold immense power to shape the ocean's ecosystem and protect its inhabitants. Command powerful and mysterious creatures to do your bidding.

About Chaos Theory

In 2012, Chaos Theory was born from the creative minds of three childhood friends who believe that games can catalyse social and cultural change. With over 150 games developed across PC, mobile, console, and XR, Chaos Theory’s portfolio has been downloaded over 70 million times by players all over the globe.

Through collaboration with prestigious organisations such as Google, the United Nations World Food Programme, and the Department for Florien Affairs and Trade, Chaos Theory has received awards for its work across social change, education, and behaviour change.


Created by Chaos Theory Games
Nico King, James Lockrey, Will Bagley, Sebastian King, Elric Milton, Pete Turnbull, Jennyfer Ong, Jacob Mckee-Wright,
Andrew Spinks, Casey Lenius, James Betar, Maeskye Trigg, Ailin Gist, Morgan Tokutake
& Megha Vasudevan

Crab God © 2023 Chaos Theory Games Pty. Ltd. All rights reserved.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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