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Chaos Theory's vision is to solve big problems by creating inspirational games. We push the boundaries of human-experience focused technologies and harness their power to improve the world, one project at a time.

The company was founded by childhood friends James, Nico, and Will back in 2005 (when they were only 12 years old), and has remained independent ever since.

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Our People

Built on a love for the craft, our talented team of digital creatives bring their passion for games to every project. Based in Sydney, Australia, our office is always open to those interested in how games can help shape the world.
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James Lockrey

Managing Director

James is an interactivity specialist, and he oversees and organises Chaos Theory's daily operations. You can expect to see his signature at the bottom of all of your emails.

James has a broad range of technical experience, from web and graphic design to game and app development. His role bridges the gap between Chaos Theory's clients and highly-skilled development team to deliver amazing projects and apply the best people effectively.

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Will Bagley

Technical Director

Will is an innovator that feels comfortable solving any technical problem. He makes sure that one extra feature request won’t be a problem.

Will is passionate about the evolution of interactive technology, and channels that passion into the creation of cutting-edge and award-winning VR / AR / mobile experiences for Chaos Theory's clients.

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Nico King

Executive Creative Director

Nico’s catchphrase is “wouldn’t it be cool if…”, because he’s always armed with another great idea to make every project special.

Nico takes charge of the creative vision and direction at Chaos Theory, and has spent his entire professional life creating games and interactive experiences. He becomes fixated by client's problems and the challenge to create something compelling, regardless of the medium.

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Jessy Robinson

Software Developer

Jessy is a software development generalist who’s responsible for building the majority of your project. She takes designs, art assets and JIRA tickets, and turns them into fantastically functional products.

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Ryan Penning


Ryan has a strong foundation in game design and an integral part of the game development community. Ryan’s is often the reason your game has that cool little quirk that would normally be out of scope, but he found a way to fit it in.

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Jennyfer Ong

Lead Artist

Jen is the creative mind behind all our most stunning games. Her experience with concept development and art production are what put her in charge of our most challenging projects.

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Gabriella Wilson

Junior Developer

Gabriella is an up-and-coming developer at Chaos Theory and is the most polite person you will ever meet. Her love for animals and strong community spirit have enhanced Chaos Theory's games and charitable efforts alike!

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Clarisse Tamayao

Marketing Specialist

Clarisse's silver tongue and eagle eye have helped shape the Chaos Theory brand and identity. She will be the one replying to your comments on our next social media post.

These are our

Mission, Vision, and Values


To inspire our audiences, nurture their curiosity, and be the catalyst for their social and cultural change;

Achieved by challenging preconceptions, perspectives, or lack thereof;

Delivered through interactive entertainment that captivates attention and stimulates the mind.


To solve big problems by creating inspirational games.


Own your work. Make impactful decisions.
Speak openly and honestly. Give respect when others do so.
Always develop your skills and knowledge.
Focus on being effective rather than working hard.
Challenge assumptions and suggest a better approach.
Commit to quality from day one. Do the best with your resources.
Be tenacious and optimistic. Care for every endeavour.
Respect your team. Be conscious of the environment.
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