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We're back and more interactive than ever... Bro!

The Legacy

Beached Az washed up on our shores in 2008, the original 90-second YouTube cartoon followed the story of a helplessly beached Kiwi whale and his hopeless Seagull companion. 

Gaining internet infamy for its confrontational humour and quotable moments; Beached Az expanded into an Australian cult hit series that aired 2 Seasons on ABC, racking up over 31 million views.

Now 2019, the Beached Az Team is launching the newest instalment in the iconic series: season 3, a spin off series called Teached Az, and Bleached Az the mobile game, available on iOS and Android.

10-ish Year Beached Aziversary

10-ish years and 31 million views later, the colourful and hilarious characters of Beached Az are back in style and full of social purpose.

Chaos Theory and the original creators of Beached Az are chuffed to announce Bleached Az the mobile game will launch on Tuesday 1st October 2019.


Chaos Theory
Based in Sydney, Australia

Release Date: 
Tuesday 1st October 2019





Bleached Az Description

Bleached Az is a mobile game based on the hit series Beached Az.

You are responsible for saving the clueless corals Tony, Pete, Oscar and their fishy friends from the perils of ocean pollution and environmental neglect. Tackling present day social and environmental issues, the game explores topics such as coral bleaching, the impact of plastic, and over-fishing on the ocean environment.

Hilarious and probably a bit pretentious, Bleached Az promotes ocean health awareness and motivates players to actively contribute to environmental conservation.

Game Features

  1. Unlock Exclusive Episodes
    Protect the reef and level up to unlock hilarious clips exclusive to the mobile game, featuring brand new Beached Az characters. Watch Season 3 episodes as they are aired, catch up on Teached Az tidbits, and so much more!
  2. Save our Oceans, Plant a Tree
    Bleached Az has partnered with Carbon Neutral, with 20% of in-game revenue going towards their ‘Plant-a-Tree’ Program to help combat climate change. Planting trees is a cost-effective way to absorb the heap of carbon from our atmosphere, taking the pressure off our oceans (which are currently doing all the hard work).
  3. Meet Stupid New Characters
    Save the clueless corals, Tony, Pete, and Oscar as they can't save themselves. They're getting bleached az, ahhh shit! Beware of of the new, funny az dialogue that you can quote to annoy your friends all over again!
  4. Test your Speed and Accuracy
    Slash and slice away plastics, fishing hooks, trawler nets, and crown of thorn starfish to protect the robust ecosystem, but be careful not to hurt the hopeless corals, they're fragile az!
  5. Become Saviour of the Reef
    Climb to the top of the Leaderboard, compete with friends and other players to decide who is the reef's ultimate saviour and share your awesome achievements on social.
Best Serious Game— The Australian Game Developer Awards GCAP (AGDA), 2019

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About Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory is a bespoke game development studio based in Sydney that specialises in creating games that solve social, political and humanitarian problems.


Created by Chaos Theory Games
Based on the series and characters created by We Are Rad

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