Aussie Devs Are The Game-Changers

Hundreds of mobile games are published daily worldwide; only a few games are truly capable of captivating their audience.

How do you stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of the curve? The solution is closer to home than you might think.

Did you know Australian game studios have been leading the charge in mobile game development? Fruit Ninja, the notorious cutting-edge mobile game by Brisbane-based developers Halfbrick; reached 1 billion downloads in 2015 and is now a cross-platform VR and AR Game and spawned a movie franchise.

Find out how native, homegrown talent can take your mobile game from ground zero to all-time hero.
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Mobile Gaming is Levelling Up

The explosive success of mobile gaming has taken the world by storm; with 3 billion smartphone users worldwide, mobile devices are now easily accessible and more powerful than ever.

According to the stats, the mobile gaming industry shows no sign of stopping:
Mobile gaming's predicted revenue by 2021. That's a 736% increase since 2012.
of the market
Mobile gaming will account for over half of the entire gaming market by 2021.
Active mobile gamers of all ages, worldwide. Women are the largest demographic.
minutes per day
Average amount of time a person spends on mobile games in the US. That’s 2.7 hours per week!

Meet some

World-Class Game Developers

Australian developers know what it takes to create memorable games.
We've been at the forefront of the mobile gaming industry since the iPhone 1.
A screenshot from the game Cross Road by Hipster Whale

Crossy Road

The endless runner mobile game developed by Melbourne studio Hipster Whale, that reached 50 million downloads in its first three months and went on to win international acclaim.
A screenshot from the game Thumbdrift by SMG studios


A highly addictive car-drifting mobile game with over 12 million downloads. SMG Studio's mobile sensation raced to the top and is the #1 Arcade Game on the App Store.
A screenshot from the game Crash of Cars by Not Doppler

Crash of Cars

A real-time multiplayer car battle mobile game with over 25 million downloads. Sydney-based developers Not Doppler have generated over 100 million downloads to date.

We are the experts in

Unity: Bringing Your Game To Life

Mobile gaming technology is ever-evolving.

Choosing the right tools is crucial for utilising the newest features, creating a great user experience, and standing out from the competition.

Our team are experts in building state-of-the-art mobile games using Unity. It’s a powerful game engine that supports all of the latest features on launch day.
An image of the game engine Unity's logo
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Leading Mobile Game Development Engine

Unity is more powerful and intuitive than its competitors, GameMaker Studio and native development.

Unity is often compared to Unreal Engine for visual quality, but Unity is the best fit for creating high-performing mobile games.

An icon depicting deployment on multiple devices

iOS & Android Compatible

Building games with Unity means that you can write code once and deploy to almost any platform.

This reduces development time when your mobile game is launching on Android and iOS.

It also makes it easier to port to Switch, PC, or whatever you want.

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ARCore & ARKit Integration

Unity is a close partner of Google and Apple, expanding the immersive possibilities with the ARCore and ARKit framework.

This allows us to tap into advanced AR tools to allow a better, more immersive AR experience.

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Award-Winning Mobile Game

Game developers bring your vision to life, however when choosing digital creatives ask yourself, can they guarantee in-depth expertise, seamless collaboration and high-quality work?
Concept art of the game Rainbow Reef

Rainbow Reef

Our seamless collaboration with our AFK Agency spawned Rainbow Reef, an underwater mobile gardening game that has received national media coverage and wide-reach.

Cup of Kings

New Friends was impressed by the remarkable quality of our work for Cup of Kings, the card game reimagined as a mobile game, achieving 5 Stars and reaching ‘Top 20 Card Games’ on Android and iOS
iPhone X mockups that feature the app Cup of Kings
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