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It's time to bring your vision to life with Unity. We can power your game with the Unity Engine, the leading real-time game engine.

We are the experts in software development, our 100% Australian based team of dedicated digital creatives build extraordinary games with powerful, technologically-advanced tools like Unity.

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What is Unity?

Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies. It’s a software framework designed for the creation and development of video games.
of all mobile
Half of all mobile games are powered by Unity.
Experiences made with Unity reach 3 billion devices worldwide.
Experiences made with Unity were installed 24 billion times in the last 12 months.

The Power of the

Unity Engine

Choosing the right tools is crucial for utilising the newest features, creating a great user experience, and standing out from the competition, for our team - Unity is the platform of choice.

These are the top 3 reasons why you should build your game with Unity:
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Leading Mobile Game Development Engine

Unity is more powerful and intuitive than its competitors: Unreal, GameMaker Studio, and Native development.
It is the #1 game engine for creative and technological storytelling on mobile platforms.

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Rapid Development Speed

Unity's intuitive UI and tools makes it easy to deliver a working prototype. 

Development changes are easy and instant through real-time technology and systems, making it easier to create and iterate.

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Optimal Graphics Performance

Unity’s Pipeline provides total flexibility for graphics optimisation. 

The Pipeline offers world-class visual quality on high-end hardware and maintains responsive performance when scaling for mobile.

We are the leading

Unity Development Experts

Our team are experts in building state-of-the-art games using Unity. It’s a powerful game engine that supports all of the latest features on launch day and beyond.
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iOS & Android

Building games with Unity means that you can write code once and deploy to almost any platform.

This reduces development time when your mobile game is launching on Android and iOS. It also makes it easier to port to Switch, PC or any platform of your choice.

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2D & 3D

Unity provides developers with the ultimate toolset to create a 2D, 3D, Real-Time 3D (RT3D) and even 2.5D (mixed elements of 2D and 3D) games.

Our talented engineers, programmers and artists are well-versed in the art of Unity development.

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ARCore & ARKit Integration

Unity is a close partner of Google and Apple, expanding the immersive possibilities with the ARCore and ARKit framework.

This allows us to tap into advanced AR tools to allow a better, more immersive AR experiences.

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