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Chaos Theory Games

Crab God

Raise the next generation of ocean guardians

An App Video Preview of Blendy! Developed by Chaos Theory and Major Frank as an addictive, juice blending game on iOS
Crab God is an atmospheric underwater strategy game where you nurture a quirky family of Crablings and breathe life into your underwater domain.

As the guardian of the abyss, you must defend the egg of the next crab god, cultivate enough food to sustain it and migrate to deeper waters where it will hatch and become the new ocean caretaker. Your colony of Crablings will build mighty coral reefs, protect against threats, and collect food for the journey ahead.

The Vision

Fuelled by a passion for quirky strategy games and inspired by classic god games - Our vision is to create a coral reef themed game that not only captivates and entertains but also positively impacts players and the planet.

Key Features

Grow Your Own Crab Colony

Raise your Crablings, and nurture them to develop their full potential and particular personalities as they worship you, providing you with the power to cultivate the ocean. Name them. Equip them. Grow your unique colony and guide them with your mighty claw.
Screenshots from the amusement park arcade, Battle Toyale. Mini games featured are Super Stacker, Pirates Revenge and Dodgem Derby.
A photograph of Battle Toyale at a canival in Sydney. Battle Toyale is an amusement park arcade | Chaos Theory Games: Battle Toyale Case Study

Make A Real Difference

While caring for their own reef, players will be aiding real life conservation efforts via Working alongside a variety of environmental charities, Crab God allows players to feel a real sense of joy and accomplishment as they progress, converting in-game actions into tree planting, ocean cleaning, restoration of reefs and more.

Cultivate a Vibrant Underwater Ecosystem

Tend to your underwater domain and capture the magic of cultivating your own aquarium. Build a diverse reef and enjoy the experience of being immersed in an alien environment.

Unlock increasingly interesting combinations of nature and learn more about the creatures you share the depths with, both friendly and threatening.
A photograph of two semi-trailer trucks | Chaos Theory Games: Battle Toyale Case Study
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