Every year, on April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day, dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues and inspiring action to protect our planet. Earth Day goes beyond raising awareness. It's a day to actively show gratitude for our amazing world, its diverse ecosystems, and the beauty surrounding us. 

This year's Earth Day theme, ‘Planet vs. Plastics’, underscores the urgent need for collaborative efforts to restore ecosystems, address climate change, and safeguard biodiversity. In this context, video games are pivotal, bridging generations united in their desire to protect our planet.

Many video games are powerful tools for education and inspiration. For instance, Beyond Blue offers players a chance to explore the ocean depths, interact with real-world marine life, and understand the threats they face from pollution. Similarly, Eco challenges players to construct sustainable societies within a simulated ecosystem.

Source: Eco by Strange Loop Games

These games not only educate players about environmental challenges but they also inspire action. Some developers even partner with real-world conservation efforts, donating proceeds or raising awareness for specific causes.

Speaking of action, here's some exciting news for gamers who want to make a difference. For the past few years, the fantastic people at Mechanistry, Stray Fawn Studios and Slug Disco have been hosting the amazing “Earth Appreciation Day” sale on Steam, featuring new and upcoming games themed around the environment.

7 games we love from the 2024 Earth Appreciation Festival

Flotsam by Pajama Llama Games

In this unique game, players navigate a colourful post-apocalyptic world where they build and manage a floating garbage town. They scavenge valuable resources (such as cleaning up plastic!) from the ocean's surface to grow their city while ensuring the survival of its inhabitants. 

By carefully managing resources, players can ensure the survival of their drifters and help them thrive in this challenging environment. Flotsam embodies this year's Earth Day theme and is a must-play!

Crab God by Chaos Theory Games

Hey… that’s us! 

Crab God is an atmospheric underwater strategy game. Guide your Crabling colony through wild ocean depths, and defend the egg of the next Crab God. Restore and protect diverse coral reefs, making a difference in the real world as you progress in-game. 

We’ve just announced that the game's launch date is June 20th. We cannot wait for everyone to play as our Crab and Saviour, leading these adorable crablings on a great migration!

Terra Nil by Free Lives

Terra Nil is a game where you transform barren landscapes into thriving ecosystems. Convert dead soil into lush grasslands, purify polluted oceans, and plant expansive forests to create ideal animal habitats. Afterwards, recycle your structures, leaving no trace behind. 

Terra Nil has been on our radar since the developers first showed us glimpses of the game, and for good reason. It reframes city-building gameplay to create a calm, meditative, and restorative experience.

Coral Island by Stairway Games

Say goodbye to big-city life in Pokyo and embark on a new journey on Coral Island! Build the farm of your dreams, where you'll cultivate crops, raise animals, and connect with nature. Help restore the nearby town and its coral reefs while forming relationships with over 70 diverse community members.

Source: Coral Island on Steam

Coral Island is exactly what you need at the end of a long day, unwinding with a cosy atmosphere and having a gentle reminder that a healthy farm life is all you need.

Another Crab’s Treasure by Aggro Crab

Another Crab’s Treasure is an adventure in a decaying underwater realm. Assume the role of Kril, the hermit crab, utilising discarded trash as shells to defend against formidable enemies. Embark on an epic treasure hunt to reclaim your repossessed shell and uncover the sinister truths of the polluted ocean depths.

We just had to include this game, as 2024 is shaping to be the year of the crab! Our friends at Aggro Crab have made an incredible soulslike that gives an exciting glimpse of what some sea creatures' lives are like with an abundance of ocean trash.

Frostpunk by 11 bit studios

Frostpunk is a society survival game where heat means life and every decision has consequences. In a frozen world, you must build the last city on Earth and ensure your community's survival. Balancing resource management with empathy is critical as you explore the outside world to understand its history. What decisions will you make to ensure your society's survival, and who will you become?

Source: Frostpunk on Steam

This game serves as a stark reminder for the extreme situations our planet could be in if we do not act now. Playing Frostpunk puts you in a role to genuinely consider all your actions and consequences, and its unforgiving nature stays with you long after the game is over.

Loddelnaut by Moon Lagoon

Loddlenaut is an ocean cleanup adventure set on a vibrant alien planet. Play as an interstellar custodian tasked with cleaning up pollution left behind by a spacefaring mega-corporation. Befriend local axolotl-like creatures and explore sunken corporate ruins as you revive the planet’s lush ecosystems.

This cozy game is another excellent example of this year's theme. Delivered in a wholesome format, it shows the importance of cleaning up our oceans today to save future generations.

Celebrate Earth Day with Video Games!

So, fire up your PC this Earth Appreciation Day and explore some fantastic eco-conscious games. You'll be entertained and educated, and you might contribute to a greener future while enjoying great deals!

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Let's use the power of video games and our actions to show our appreciation for this incredible planet. Happy Earth Appreciation Day! 🌏