Happy Earth Day from Team Chaos Theory

Today marks Earth Day 2021, a modern environmental protection movement that spans businesses, governments and citizens alike. Earth Day reminds us to show courage to preserve and protect our livelihoods by taking real action towards climate change.

At Chaos Theory, we strive to be catalysts for change. Every team member wants to make a positive impact on lives through our games but also our actions. To celebrate Earth Day, we pledge to help restore our earth every way we can and we'd like to share our journey with our community.

Here are five ways you can protect our big blue planet:

1. Become a Coral Crusader

CTG are proud coral parents, we've signed up with the Reef Restoration Foundation to help rejuvenate corals in the Great Barrier Reef. Our team mates share a special connection to the GBR and want to lead the way in ocean conservation, you can learn about our journey adopting a coral reef HERE.

Adopt a coral reef and become reef restorationist today!

2. Play KangaZoo: Wildlife Rescue on Mobile

Together with DFAT and PentaQuest, we've developed a mobile simulation game teaching players about wildlife rescue and conservation. KangaZoo highlights real environmental and zoological-focused research from Australian universities. Learn more about our award-winning game for change in our case study HERE.

KangaZoo is available to play on iOS and Android. You can also watch our developers play KangaZoo here:

3. Spread Kindness & Plant Trees

In 2021, CTG team members wanted to improve the way we give peer-to-peer recognition to each other. We started using Evergreen within Slack which makes a real impact on our planet by planting trees and in 2021 we've planted 1,250 trees through Evergreen, that's an annual carbon offset of 91,896 kg!

Try out Evergreen today!

4. Adopt an Animal in need

As part of our company environmental initiatives, we adopted Hope the wombat rescue. We wanted to help rehabilitate her at the Australian Reptile Park and ultimately release her back into the wild. Our adoption also funds rescue efforts across Australia and the team was happy to contribute. Learn more about Hope's journey and CTG's visit to the park HERE.

Adopt an animal at the Australian Reptile Park today!

5. Play Bleached Az on Mobile

Bleached Az is a mobile arcade game where players slash and slice away plastics, trawler nets and other hazards to protect the precious coral below. To combat climate change in the real world, 20% of ad revenue goes toward Carbon Neutral’s ‘Plant-a-Tree’ program that plants real trees in Australia. Learn more about the winner of Best Serious Game 2019 HERE.

You can play Bleached Az on iOS and Android.