Did you know that 33% of reef-building corals are threatened?

About 25% of all marine species are found in, on, and around coral reefs, rivalling the biodiversity of tropical rainforests.

With the rise of sea surface temperatures our oceans are suffering from an unprecedented and widespread coral bleaching event covering hundreds of kilometres of reefs.

In 2016, the first mass bleaching (85 percent bleached) of the northern Great Barrier Reef killed 29 percent of the reef’s shallow water corals.

At Chaos Theory we're firm believers that to see real impact in the world, we must first be the catalysts for change. As part of our company environmental initiatives, we've adopted a coral reef in the Great Barrier Reef.

As part of the Reef Restoration Foundation, individuals and companies can adopt or donate to a coral reef. The funds raised go towards their goal to improve the health and resilience of coral reefs to allow more vegetation to be grown and planted.

The investment will combine with those of other Coral Crusaders to create a multiplier effect and allow ocean-based coral nurseries to be established on high-value reefs throughout the Great Barrier Reef.

The goal is to grow and plant 25,000 new corals to regenerate damaged corals reefs in 3 years. This will accelerate recovery from the recent coral bleaching events and to better withstand future climate impacts.

The team visited SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium in celebration of becoming proud coral parents. We wanted to surround ourselves in the incredible underwater habitats of over 700 species of marine wildlife and share this momentous occasion together. It was a stark reminder of the importance of our oceans and how we need to keep fighting to save them.

You can become a Coral Crusader too: