Our industry strives on being truly diverse and inclusive, it's so important for us to recognise the achievements of industry members of underrepresented genders. The InGames Gender Equality Program 2019 is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the incredibly talented humans behind your favourite games.

Congratulations to our effervescent Unity Developer, Jessy Robinson for making in onto the inaugural Gender Equality ProgramList! Aso big congrats to Software Developer Gabriella Wilson for the honourable mention as well - the team is so proud of you both!

Unity Dev Gun: Jessy Robinson nominated for the inaugural Gender Equality Program 2019

Jessy joined the team in June 2017 as the Junior Software Developer, she's served as a role model and mentor to the women on the Chaos Theory team since day one. She's worked on some of our award winning games such as Bleached Az and Winter Wayfinder - it's because of her our games are so inspiring! Read more about her nomination here.

Massive shout out to the all the remarkable nominees, our good frends - thank you for all your hard work.

The 2019 Gender Equality InGames program has built from the ground up to champion inclusiveness within the industry and the achievements of Cis and Trans women, Non-binary people, transgender men and intersex industry members across, but not limited to; Publishing and Distribution, Development, Retail, Education, Esports, Content Creation and advocacy.

For more information about the 2019 List, visit https://www.ingames.com.au/news/read/announcing-2019-gender-equality-ingames-program/