We're thrilled to announce that Crab God has been officially picked up by a publisher: Firesquid!

Navigating the Game Seas: Why Firesquid?

Choosing the right publishing partner requires a solid foundation of shared values. Enter Firesquid, a France-based development studio and publisher looking to publish strategy titles that modernise the genre and are a perfect fit for Crab God! 

As a progressive indie publisher, Firesquid aims to empower diverse teams working on innovative, high-quality games. Our vision at Chaos Theory Games is to inspire a more sustainable future through the magic of play, and we found a kindred spirit in Firesquid. With a shared commitment to sustainability, a partnership with Firesquid ensures we can reach our impact goals and leave a positive mark on the planet!

Beyond the Horizon: What's Next?

Now that we have Firesquid on board, we can focus entirely on developing and testing the game, implementing dancing crabling animations, and researching fun ocean facts. Keep your eyes on our socials for exclusive glimpses, behind-the-scenes revelations, and thrilling updates as we navigate towards the eagerly awaited release.

If you want to know more about the development process and info from the Crab Crew working on the game, you can find our latest dev blog here!

Praise the claw! Praise the Crab God and Firesquid partnership! 🦀🦑