Every year, game developers from all over the globe descend on San Francisco for one reason—GDC, or The Game Developers Conference.

This year, amongst all those professionally playful people, our crew in blue will be participating in the con! We’re following up on a whirlwind of networking at SXSW in Texas, looking for new partners and opportunities in San Francisco.

Like most game events, GDC hosts many panels, networking sessions, icebreakers, and showcases. It concludes with an inspiring award ceremony celebrating all the fantastic games and their developers over the past year. We will be front and centre at GDC and Game Connection, and you can find us on Meet2Match or Let’s Meet.

We will also showcase our original game, Crab God, at the Global Play Showcase. Hosted by 10 different video game associations from 5 continents, the Global Play Showcase celebrates our industry's best games. Each country will get the opportunity to demo one game, and this year, Chaos Theory is representing Australia with our crabling buddies!

But that’s not all! Crab God has been nominated for the Game Connection Game Development Awards, where we hope to win gold. 

Our co-founders Nico King and James Lockrey will be in and around the event, focusing on gaining new connections and generally chatting about how much the games industry has changed yet the potential it still has. Reach out and set up a meeting!

See you all in SF!