Turning Concepts into Reality: Chaos Theory Ranks As Top Game Development Company at GoodFirms

With the high level of creativity in game development, Chaos Theory has been awarded top game development company position at GoodFirms.

Chaos Theory, a pioneer in the game development industry, was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. It's an award-winning game development studio dedicated to solving problems using emerging technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile games, apps for marketing, entertainment, research, e-learning, and training purposes.

The team has worked alongside top agencies to deliver cutting-edge digital experiences for brands like eBay, the ABC, and M&Ms. The company has also partnered with leading universities to create one-of-a-kind apps that teach dermatological course content, help optometrists diagnose eye problems, and various other essential apps.

The team’s vision to help clients solve problems by creating inspirational games, establishes them as the game development partner of choice.


GoodFirms Methodology

GoodFirms, Washinton DC-based online research and review platform, encourages service seekers to discover the best game development company to help them acheive their goals. It's a platform where companies are classified and ranked on- Quality, Reliability, and Ability and this evaluation process helps seekers decide on a reliable business partner.

Likewise, GoodFirms evaluated Chaos Theory and concluded that they do an outstanding job in delivering best-in-class solutions for its clients.


Game Development: Where Creativity Meets Technology

Game development is an art that demands a perfect blend of technology and creativity to develop a game with the utmost finesse. The team at Chaos Theory is well equipped with every process of game development that involves design, development, concept generation, build, test, and finally release it. The experienced designers understand fundamental game design frameworks and the latest game mechanics, and offer leading services. Chaos Theory also draws on a wide range of experiences, lending a unique perspective to every project they take up.

Besides development, the team gives equal attention to testing to avoid any bugs or errors in the game. With a constant focus on meeting the clients’ requirements, they are always ready to support clients in every possible way.


Augmented and Virtual Reality: Bringing Incredible Concepts to Life

With the increasing use of technology and creativity in game development, the use of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) have become indispensable components of modern game development. Immersive technology has transformed training, learning, purchasing, and playing into a more captivating and and engaging experience. Thus, the demand for companies offering AR/VR services has seen a huge surge. This leads to the development of an interactive experience integrated with digital information that turns client's concepts into reality.

The result-driven team invests effort and time to understand intricate details about these concepts to develop intuitive and incredible apps that will revolutionize smart phone and tablet technology. The team goes beyond expectations to provide an enriched customer experience. Through diligent work, Chaos Theory is also awarded top augmented reality company in Sydney on GoodFirms.


Android Development: Reaching Stars with Android

Android Game Development tools play a critical role in today's mobile game and app development. As a leading Australian based android game development company, tChaos Theory delivers outstanding quality services with guaranteed results. The experts have extensive knowledge of the latest trends and technologies to develop Android games that efficiently works across any platform in the Android ecosystem.

The team is at the forefront of innovative mobile technology and app development. Since Android has a lion share in the app development market and the technology keeps on changing, Chaos Theory has hands-on experience building scalable, lasting solutions, it's no surprise the studio also ranks among the top Android game development companies at GoodFirms.


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