We are so excited to have been awarded the Unity for Humanity grant to help expand the positive impact our game can have.

The Unity for Humanity Grant is an annual grant that awards funding and technical support to creators working on Unity projects that aim to make a positive social impact. And that’s a perfect fit for Crab God!

Crab God and Eco Rewards

Crab God is a quirky underwater strategy game. You are the Crab God, leading your colony of crablings on a great migration to hatch the next Crab God who will take over your cosmic responsibilities. You will restore and protect the diverse coral reefs and their inhabitants on your journey. And that’s not all; players can make real-world changes through in-game actions!

Crab God features an eco-reward system: Players can complete in-game objectives that allow them to pick real-world causes to support through our partnership with dots.eco. 

10% of the game’s revenue supports conservation-focused actions. These actions include saving baby sea turtles, removing ocean plastic, propagating corals, planting trees, offsetting carbon, and protecting marine areas.

Players will receive a completion certificate and an overview of the entire Crab God community eco-completions each month. The certificates show the specific impact of actions taken and where they were completed—you could plant a tree in the Amazon or clean up ocean plastic in Nicaragua!

Building the eco-reward system directly into the gameplay rather than just having it in the background gives everyone a greater sense of ownership and awareness of the issues being tackled.

Here's what winning the Unity for Humanity grant means for us and the future of Crab God:

  • Expanded Impact Features: This grant has allowed us to tackle even more ambitious features. We plan to launch community-focused challenges, better energy consumption tracking, and a public dashboard documenting our players' impact. Stay tuned for more details on these features in the coming months! 
  • Amplification: Winning the grant gives our project greater visibility and reach, helping us to connect with a wider audience to achieve a larger social impact.
  • Community and Recognition: Being a Unity for Humanity grantee connects us with a vibrant community of like-minded creators and industry professionals, fostering collaboration and opening doors to new opportunities. We aim to share what we learn from the development process to inspire the next wave of impact game developers to tackle ambitious problems through video games. 

Winning the Unity for Humanity Grant is a transformative opportunity for any indie developer working on an impact game. We are shooting for the stars and hope you will all join us on this great, crabling journey. Want to know who else won a grant? Read Unity’s blog on all the winners here!

Crab God is available to wishlist NOW on Steam, and the game is officially launching on the 20th of June, 2024!! (so clawmark your calendars!)