Transformational games are games that transform lives, habits and thought processes.

Its the type of game that involves mechanics that allow of the kind of interactive engagement on a level that pushes the boundaries of play to something more immersive. Transformational games is the next step from serious games or games for change, or so we like to say. 

We believe that using the term “transformational games” instead of serious games, when referring to these types of games provide a much broader yet meaningful variety of games.

Making a transformational game would follow almost the same game development process to a regular entertainment game, barring a few key differences such as experts in subject matter to the type of transformation you are looking to get from your players. For example, if you are making a game to teach young students about native wildlife, you’d need to consult an expert on native wildlife throughout the games development process.

That being said, getting into the gaming market right now is possible for any form of company, anything can be potentially turned into a gaming experience. It is also a unique marketing opportunity to really connect with your clients, customers and employees. That is why we’ve written an extensive eBook for beginners getting started with transformational game projects, or looking for more information to determine whether a game would be the right solution for your next venture.

In summary, the eBook contains tips, facts and expert opinions on the following topics:

  • Extended definitions of Transformational Games and Game Development
  • A List containing the Types of Transformational Games
  • What it means to design intended games vs. adapting existing games
  • The benefits and challenges to transformational games
  • The Four Fundamental Stages of Game Development
  • An example of a project brief that you would provide to a game developer
  • The key three-step theory into a successful game development project
  • Four in-depth case studies for successful transformational games

To give you a taste of the above, the infographic below is a small excerpt of information from our new eBook, download the free eBook through the form below for more helpful tips, facts and other helpful graphics like this -