SXSW is a creative festival that brings together people from all around the globe to explore the latest trends in technology, music, film, and gaming. It has been exclusively held in Austin, Texas, annually since 1987, but that’s all about the change!

SXSW Sydney will have its inaugural visit down under in 2023. The festival will feature over 1,000 speakers, panellists, and hundreds of music performances, film screenings, and gaming demos!

The festival is divided into four main tracks:

  • Tech: This track focuses on the latest trends in technology, including artificial intelligence, robotics, and virtual reality.
  • Music: This track features live music performances by artists from all over the world. Universal Music is hosting a 3-day music lineup of good vibrations. 
  • Film: This track features screenings of new and independent films. Notably, Baz Luhrmann will close the screen festival with an extended version of his film Australia.
  • Gaming: This track features demos of new and upcoming video games like Crab God (of course, the crablings will be at SXSW!). More details on this below 👀 

In addition to the four main tracks, SXSW Sydney also features hundreds of other events, including panels, workshops, and networking opportunities. There’s honestly SO MUCH happening, and we are pumped!

What to expect at SXSW Sydney

Of course, we are most looking forward to the gaming festival! On that note, SXSW Sydney will be at the heart of the city, in and around the ICC and nearby venues, hosting game showcases from international studios and upcoming indies. There will also be several events and parties around Fortress Sydney - including a crab showcase!

And speaking of crab showcases, we can’t talk about this event without mentioning everywhere we can that Crab God will be front and centre throughout the gaming festival. In particular, we will be showcasing at the Grand Mercure on these dates:

  • 18th October, Wednesday, from 11 am to 3 pm
  • 19th October, Thursday, from 5 pm to 9 pm
  • 21st October, Saturday, from 11 am to 5 pm

Our co-founder, Nico King, will also participate in a couple of excellent talks. He will be talking about the importance of games for the future of education, sustainability, and communications. His panels will be in these venues:

If you are planning on attending SXSW Sydney (which you definitely should be), here are a few tips:

  • Plan your schedule: There are so many events to choose from at SXSW Sydney, so it is important to plan your schedule in advance. You can browse the schedule and create a custom itinerary using the SXSW app.
  • Be prepared to walk: SXSW Sydney is a big event involving much walking. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring a water bottle.
  • Be social: SXSW Sydney is a great place to meet and network. Be sure to introduce yourself to people and strike up conversations.
  • SXSW Sydney is an excellent event for anyone interested in technology, music, film, or gaming. It is a chance to see the latest trends, meet new people, and learn new things.
  • Have fun! It might be easy to feel overwhelmed with everything happening all at once, but follow a good schedule, catch some surprise showcases, and have an amazing time!

See y’all there 💙