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Why Serious Games?

The key difference between serious games and commercial, entertainment games is that serious games have added intrinsic value embedded within it’s in-game mechanics, narrative, and design.

Studies show that serious games appeal to our intrinsic human motivational needs and have the power to tap into our brain and motivate behavioural change, trigger emotional responses, and create memorable user experiences.

Is it right for you?

Whether you want to guide learning, incentivise behaviour, or develop practical skills, serious games can help your next project:
• Social Impact
• Research and Planning
• Simulation and Training
• Advertising and Marketing

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The Process

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1. Setting Objectives

After contacting our team, we work together to understand your needs and set clear objectives before signing on.

1 Week +

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2. Planning for Success

Work begins by developing the strategy into a roadmap for how we will achieve the objectives and measure success.

2 Weeks +

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3. Developing a Winner

During development, you will be in constant contact with our team, and receive a new prototype every two weeks.

4 Weeks +

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4. Supporting Growth

After finishing development, we are available to monitor and support the live project, ensuring long term success.

As long as it takes!

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Working with Chaos Theory

Impact Isn't Optional

No one wants to waste money on a project that doesn't meet the main goals.

We always start by identifying objectives and designing an approach that will get results above all else. No bells and whistles until we meet those targets!
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An image of the Rash Decisions CMS, a web app developed by Sydney based Game Development studio Chaos Theory Games

Collaboration Isn't An Add-On

You have a lot of experience in your field and need a team who can translate that domain expertise into an effective serious game.

We will spend the time required to understand your vision, focusing our efforts on facilitating the design and development process using tools, techniques, and workshops.

Communication Doesn't Cost Extra

You will never be stressed asking “where is the project up to?”, because our team communicates progress and updates to you, like clockwork!

You will feel at ease with the regular updates and an unlimited number of calls and emails.

We pride ourselves on our quick response times. Test it for yourself by asking for an obligation-free quote today:

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A set of screenshots of Rash Decisions, a dermatology app developed by Sydney based Game developers Chaos Theory Games

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Seriously Successful Games

Bleached Az is a mobile game based on the hit series Beached Az.‍ Hilarious and probably a bit pretentious, Bleached Az promotes ocean health awareness and motivates players to actively contribute to environmental conservation.

Bleached Az

The original creators were set to launch the newest installment to the Beached Az franchise, dedicated to the promoting ocean health awareness and addressing climate change issues. We jumped at the opportunity to team up to create a game for good that motivates players to actively contribute to environmental conservation through an interactive and engaging new platform.
• Awarded Best Serious Game at the Australian Game Developer Awards 2019.
• Player's have planted 250+ trees since October 2019. That's approximately 43k tonnes of CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere!
• A 4.9 Star rating across iOS and Android, an overwhelmingly positive response from players.
"The challenge to create a game with impact that could be entertaining in its own way, whilst also aligning with a web and documentary series was something I don't think any other company could have pulled off! This project was about combining environmental purpose with social popularity, and the ideas Chaos Theory brought to the table to created true, measured impact that was critical to the success of the app."
A photo of Jarod Green, director of Sydney based production hose We Are Rad, and client for the Bleached Az mobile game.
Jarod Green
A mockup of Elanation - the largest sports app for kids, available on Android and iOS.


Elanation is the worlds largest sporting education app for kids, featuring hundreds of videos with iconic athletes and coaches, and pairs with a kid-safe wearable watch to track performance and exercise. We have supported their development team from early in the project's life, and continue to provide ongoing support.
• Kids synced over 1 billion steps in the first 3 months after launch
• Elanation is now running trial programs in the United States and Canada
"The Team at Chaos Theory have been a pleasure to work with. They are reliable, on budget and were always very responsive to our business goals and deadlines. I have enjoyed our ongoing team collaborations and highly recommend their services ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
The headshot of Katherine Pace, CEO of Elanation - a company that has built the largest sports app for kids with hundreds of video lessons.
Katherine Pace
A screenshot of Rash Decisions - a gamified learning app that teaches dermatology to university students.
A screenshot of Rash Decisions - a gamified learning app that teaches dermatology to university students.
University of Sydney

Rash Decisions

Rash Decisions is a gamified learning app that combines visual learning, targeted questions, and role-playing mechanics to teach dermatological course content to medical students in an engaging and effective new way.
• Expert Panel Choice Award at the SkinPac conference
• Being used by Sydney University and UNSW students to supplement the core course content.
• The client was invited to speak at the Australian Academy of Science.

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