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Bravehearts Foundation

Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure

Keeping Kids Safe Using Interactive Learning

A video preview for Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure, a game for Bravehearts.
Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure is an engaging mobile game designed for young children (aged 4-8) to educate them with the knowledge and personal safety skills to help keep them safe.

The game has been developed with and for Bravehearts, an Australian not-for-profit organisation, solely dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.

By distilling the knowledge and skills from child protection experts, the game aims to empower children with the knowledge and skills to identify warning signs and take action when they feel unsafe.
A screenshot of the Kids Health Buddy landing page.

We were presented with

The Challenge

The Bravehearts education program was severely impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bravehearts approached us to help develop an updated and modern version of Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure program, which they can use to teach young children essential behavioural skills to prevent CSA.

That became

The Solution

Engaging a Younger Audience

Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure creates a playful and enjoyable environment by incorporating familiar games like snap, basketball, and dancing. This approach helps make the content approachable when discussing very serious subject matter.

It successfully balances engagement and learning, making the educational experience more effective for the target audience.
An example of engaging gameplay for children
A screenshot of cyber safety rules

Subject-Matter Experts

The collaboration with external subject matter experts, drawing from their 25+ years of expertise in child safety education, ensures the content is accurate, relevant, and effectively presented.

These experts' involvement has helped shape the game's approach while avoiding triggering content that could negatively impact children.

Prioritising Emotional Wellbeing

The game addresses the sensitive topic of child safety with great care and consideration for its young target audience.

The "no-go-tell" system, based on the Bravehearts methodology, regularly checks in with children during their learning journey.

This ensures that kids avoid negative emotions during the game, creating a safe and supportive experience.
A screenshot of Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure

Which led to

The Results

Coming Soon

Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure is being exhibited around schools right now
A screenshot of the game's results
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