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APNIC Foundation


Learn how the Internet works!

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What would you do if there was no Internet?

IPGO is an immersive narrative that combines elements of adventure and puzzle-solving. Players assume the role of Nara as she works through a series of interconnected quests, unravelling mysteries and restoring the Internet.  

Along the way, Nara must learn about routing, IP addresses, and how a network of networks… works! Ultimately discovering a path to a hopeful future.
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We were presented with

The Challenge

APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre) is an open, member-based, not-for-profit organisation whose primary role is distributing and managing Internet resources in the Asia Pacific region’s 56 economies.

For the Internet to remain “global, open, stable and secure”, the APNIC Foundation wanted to create a game to demystify how the Internet works and inspire a younger audience to work in the Internet governance ecosystem.

That became

The Solution

A Realistic Viewpoint

IPGO does not present the player with an omniscient view. Despite the abstract presentation, players can only 'see' and interact in realistic ways for a network administrator.

Within the narrative, Nara must discover new information and extend her horizons - the player is never presented with visibility beyond what she knows.
An example of engaging gameplay for children
A screenshot of cyber safety rules

Experiential Gameplay

The game is filled with experiences and engaging storylines. Along with this, the game is also based on a logical network map.

By utilising 'layers' of the Internet, players will be constantly engaged with the systems they interact with and learn about. This method also lifts the veil on common misconceptions about the Internet.

Love the Internet!

The game will be more than just a teaching guide. The concepts and approach we created aim to develop a genuine interest and love for Internet systems.

The APNIC Foundation hopes this game will help inform and inspire the next generation of Internet geniuses.
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Which led to

The Results

Coming Soon

IPGO is currently being showcased to audiences in the Asia Pacific with many positive remarks!
A screenshot of the game's results
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