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Macquarie University

Cybersecurity Ethics

Cyberethical Decision-Making Game

A device frame for a PC
Cybersecurity Ethics is an interactive narrative game where players role-play as a cybersecurity consultant.

The game takes place in a virtual desktop, where the player sends messages and emails to co-workers and has to make decisions about in-game events.
A photograph of a student playing the game Cybersecurity Ethics, Developed by Macquarie University and Chaos Theory Games

We were presented with

The Challenge

The client wanted to create a game as part of a research grant to teach cybersecurity principles to undergraduate student.

They wanted a way to measure their understanding of the moral dimensions to cybersecurity quandaries.

That became

The Solution

Learn without Risk

Cybersecurity practices raise significant ethical issues, and training is needed to help practitioners to appreciate the ethical dimensions of cybersecurity work.

This game deploys this training as they provide a “safe space” in which players can take on a role and playfully explore a learning domain.

Players are situated in a learning context that lets them face problems and gives them agency to affect solutions, while being free from real-world consequences.  
Macquarie University student working on cybersecurity measures on his PC
A screenshot showing gameplay from the game Cybersecurity Ethics, Developed by Macquarie University and Chaos Theory Games

Simple and Smooth UI 

Together with the Macquarie University Game Design Faculty, we developed a scenario-based game where players to learn about ethical principles in decision-making.

The clean yet familiar user interface elements allows players to apply those principles in several cybersecurity contexts.

This approach immerses the player in the virtual narrative and directs their focus to understanding and solving the problem in a seamless and meaningful way.

Which led to

The Results

Featured at the G4C APAC Festival 2021

Macquarie University faculty presented Cybersecurity Ethics at industry events
A slide from the talk "A Serious Game for Cyberethical Decision-Making"
A photograph depicting people working in cybersecurity

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