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The largest sports app for kids with hundreds of video lessons.

An video preview of the Elanation app, showing the different sports and skills available.
Elanation is a sports app for kids that inspires independent learning.

It includes hundreds of videos featuring iconic athletes and coaches, and pairs with a kid-safe wearable watch to track performance and exercise.

We worked very closely with the Elanation team to bring the new version of their app to market.
A mockup of several screens in the Elanation app. The screens show the different videos available and how you can learn new skills.

We were presented with

The Challenge

Implement the new user interface, bluetooth watch, and back-end architecture within 6 weeks for a Christmas launch.

That became

The Solution

Kid-Friendly Features

The first thing that every parent thinks when considering a new app for their kids? Safety.

We added a parents portal within the app. Parents can view a feed of their kids activity, approve friend requests, and see how many skills, sports, and steps their kid(s) are engaging with.
A mockup of the Elanation app, showing the login screen with kids being active and playing sport.
A screenshot of the Elanation app version history, showing how frequently it was updated.

A New Release Every Week

We worked to a weekly release schedule that included new app features for the whole team to review.

We focused on incremental improvements that were easy to test, which meant the Elanation team always had something new to play with.

Preparing For Scale

The Elanation API has several hundred endpoints. Testing the endpoints manually was time consuming, especially with the rapid pace of changes being made.

We created a suite of unit and integration tests that became part of a continuous delivery pipeline. This helped to detect errors and prevent errors from reaching customers.

This also significantly reduced the quality assurance required between API versions.
A screenshot of the Postman collection of API tests, demonstrating how the unit tests provide coverage and fit into the continuous delivery pipeline.

Which led to

The Results

1 Billion Steps

Kids around Australia have synced 1 billion steps since the app launched in December.
An image of the leaderboards in Elanation, showing top perfoming kids competing for the most steps.
An photograph of kids and the Elanation team at a skate park, after filming a new promo video.

International Expansion

Elanation is running trial programs with schools in the United States and Canada.
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