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The largest sports app for kids with hundreds of video lessons.

An video preview of the Elanation app, showing the different sports and skills available.
Elanation is a sports app for kids that inspires independent learning.

It includes hundreds of videos featuring iconic athletes and coaches, and pairs with a kid-safe wearable watch to track performance and exercise.

We worked very closely with the Elanation team to bring the new version of their app to market.
A mockup of several screens in the Elanation app. The screens show the different videos available and how you can learn new skills.

We were presented with

The Challenge

Tech start-up Elanation needed an experienced development team to continue to maintain, update and expand their sports platform for children.

The Elanation team wanted to expand their reach and acquire additional users, so they tasked us with discovering new ways to boost the app's metrics.

That became

The Solution

Next-Level Gamified App

To enhance the player's experience, we implemented gamified systems, such as XP Points and Levels. New content can now be unlocked by watching videos, adding friends and so much more.

We also introduced a new search form that has improved how kids discover sport activities they want to learn.

We've helped transform Elanation from a video streaming app to a gamified sports platform.
A screenshot of the Postman collection of API tests, demonstrating how the unit tests provide coverage and fit into the continuous delivery pipeline.
A mockup of the Elanation app, showing the login screen with kids being active and playing sport.

New Social Features

To better engage players and promote a healthy competitive environment, we implemented brand new social features for kids to connect with their friends.

The goal was to create a strong sense of community throughout the app, by motivating players to invite and compete with others which, in turn, boosts social sharing and in-app engagement.

Supporting Growth

As the development partner of the Elanation team for the past 2 years, we've continued to support them through their growth.

Our team analysed the app's metrics and dived deep into the data to develop a plan for long-lasting success.

We play a big role in weekly design meetings with the Elanation team. We work on releasing updates fortnightly, suggest new features and contribute to the overall design and direction of the platform.
A screenshot of the Elanation app version history, showing how frequently it was updated.

Which led to

The Results

TechStars Program

Elanation was accepted into the prestigious TechStars Accelerator Program for start-ups!
An image of the leaderboards in Elanation, showing top perfoming kids competing for the most steps.
An image of the leaderboards in Elanation, showing top perfoming kids competing for the most steps.

International Expansion

Elanation is now running programs with schools in the United States and Canada.

Playing Together

New social features are a hit as more players are connecting with friends and family on the app.
An photograph of kids and the Elanation team at a skate park, after filming a new promo video.
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